Coaching for Leaders

Show Up Strong

Rediscover your inner purpose and embrace the leader within. 

Why Show Up Strong? 

Let's be honest. Most of us were made to believe that "real" leaders are indestructible, invincible and invulnerable. But you're not a bulletproof machine - And. That's. Okay. 

It's okay if you're stuck in a rut right now and aren't quite sure how to get out of it. It's okay if you feel overwhelmed with responsibility and exhausted from dealing with problems day in, day out. You're not a failure for feeling these things. More importantly, you're not alone. 

If you’re ready to switch from “living to work” to “working to live”, Show Up Strong is perfect for you. Engage in honest conversation, prioritise your wellbeing, practice tailored solutions and be empowered with the knowledge to turn your life around. Shed your armour and find the strength in embracing your vulnerabilities. 

Learn how you can:

  • Master stress, prevent fatigue and reduce burnout 

  • Get out of your "career funk" and rekindle your passion

  • Reconnect with your purpose and unlock your full potential

  • Thrive in your element by focussing on your nutrition, sleep and general wellbeing

What can you expect? 

6 weeks to rediscovering your best self! This programme includes: 

  • Coaching sessions - 6 x 60 minute online individual coaching sessions where we delve into your challenges and identify your vision and goals through activities and reflections. 

  • Customised wellbeing plan - Tailored nutrition, stress-mastery and wellbeing solutions that will help you take the first step towards cultivating a more wholesome lifestyle.

  • Strengths and talent assessment - Understand what your strengths are and harness them every day so you can grow, aim higher and accomplish an exceptional quality of life. 

  • Sustainable habit builders - Equip yourself with the finest tools that will help you to easily implement lasting change. 

  • 4 personally selected books - Personally picked based on your strengths, goals and vision. 

  • Ongoing access to our supportive Facebook community - Stay accountable and motivated with an encouraging group and engage in discussions with a like-minded community. 

Who is Show Up Strong for?

When we say leaders, we mean anyone who is responsible for guiding people towards achieving a common goal. This includes:

  • Executive or senior leaders 

  • Managers

  • Team leaders 

  • Leaders in non-corporate professions (doctors, teachers, parents, etc.)

Show Up Strong

Coaching sessions

6 x 60 minute online individual coaching

Customised wellbeing plan

Nutrition plans, fatigue prevention, stress mastery solutions

Strengths and talent assessment

A report and review of your strengths and talents

Sustainable habit builders

Efficient and easy tools to form and build healthy habits

4 personally selected books

Personally handpicked to help you grow and get inspired


Keen to invest in your worth and Show Up Strong?


Better Never Stops. 

Customised wellbeing coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs.

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